We're your personal shopper... for gifts! 

Simply put... we love to gift! 

Let us expertly handle the whole process
for you from start to finish - and we'll find the
perfect gifts for your recipients, every time. 

Plus if you want it to look like you did it all    (but better ha!) choose our 'discrete'
unbranded service :)

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Looking for customised gifts in Hong Kong?The Masked Gifter is here to help you!

So, you need to find the perfect personalised gift, but you don’t have time to search online, let alone go shopping around Hong Kong...

Don't worry we're here to help you!

Here at The Masked Gifter, our mission is to help you find a gift SO amazing that your recipient will be left speechless!

Having mastered the art of gifting, our one-of-a-kind service handles every step of the gifting process.


We do everything for you, from EXPLORING gift concepts, researching and CURATING, SOURCING, WRAPPING, right through to DELIVERING unique personalised gifts that are as special as the people you're buying for.

What's more? We offer a seamless service that's discrete if you need it to be - pass it off as your handy work (but better!) with our unbranded service.

That’s why we're Hong Kong’s premiere gifting service.

Discover the simplicity of our personalised gifting service in Hong Kong

Maybe you're stressed thinking of gift ideas for a friend or loved one; tired of Googling for hours without finding something truly special; or having a hard time navigating the shops in Hong Kong for a thoughtful, personal and customised gift... our simple service is the answer. 

We know and love that amazing feeling of getting someone the perfect gift that will make them smile. And finding perfect gifts is what we do best. 


With our personalised gifting service in Hong Kong, you can plan ahead for your loved ones’ life events. Become a member today and reap the benefits of a Gift Membership Plan. Book your gift services in advance with our smart scheduling system, and never again forget a special occasion! Plus, our monthly payment plans make it even easier!

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