About me... hi!

So this is me! ;) Casually contemplating my next gifting brief on the streets of Hong Kong...

Why gifting?

Quite simply... I'm a nerd for gifting! I love EVERYTHING to do with it, from start to finish. Planning what to get, shopping (my fav part!), then thinking how I can present it in the best possible way to create an "OH WOWWWWWW!"

Why start up The Masked Gifter?

So it turns out, not everyone loves gift buying as much as I do [GASP!]. In our busy, busy, busy lives (!) thinking about and choosing the perfect gift can often become another stress when we’re short on time or ideas.


What's behind the name?

Even though I put SO much time, effort, love and care into my gifting there sometimes can be a stigma associated with "outsourcing" gifting... so for those who want it to look like they did it (but better!) I have an unbranded discrete service - hence "masked"! They'll never know it was me! ;)

Me with tote bag.jpg

Monica G
Masked Gifter

Let's spread the love and make someone's day together