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Each bespoke gifting service is charged at a flat rate based on the time involved to Explore, Curate, Source, Wrap and Deliver the perfect gift. On top is the actual gift cost itself, packaging and delivery charges.

There's great value in pre-planning your gifting needs, so we think our Membership Plans are perfect to help you get ahead of the gifting game!

Plus with our Membership Plans the service fee is split into monthly payments to make it even easier! See full details here. What's more, our gift plans are fully flexible - you can select just one lucky recipient for your gift services, or individual recipients depending on your needs. 

Want to try before you buy a gift plan?

We're confident you'll love our service! But if you'd like to give a gift service a try first before signing up to a Membership Plan, you're in luck!


We're offering a one-time Try Me service that's priced at the 25% discounted rate on our flat fee - valid for new customers only, one purchase per customer for a limited time. Details below

Hands up who wants a discount?
We offer discounts on our rate as you add more gift services to your plan!



3 Gift Plan = charged at the flat rate

6 Gift Plan = 10% discount on the flat rate

9 Gift Plan = 25% discount on the flat rate

Best value


For those extra special occasions which require added time to ensure the perfect gift, please contact us and we would be happy to provide a tailored gifting service to meet your needs.

If any gift requests are deemed as being 'exceptional' despite a Gift Plan being selected, The Masked Gifter reserves the right to inform you about a revised gifting service offer.



Our 3, 6 and 9 Gift Plans are split into 12 monthly payments (excludes Help Me Now Plan).


Once you've paid for your plan the reoccurring subscription will take effect on the same day each month, using the same card details you used - so if you'd prefer the payment to go out of your account on a particular day, then purchase the plan on the day of the month you wish to be the regular payment date.

If you'd prefer to pay for our gift service fee in a one-off-payment upfront, just let us know and we'll contact you directly to take the payment.

Easy link to Membership Service for more info on our process

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