Our Corporate Gifting Offering

Once we've received your brief, we implement the following 6-step corporate gifting process to deliver the perfect corporate gifts that meet (and exceed!) your needs:


1. Ideation

2. Proposal

3. Curation

4. Purchase

5. Prep

6. Delivery

We’ll digest your brief, budget parameters and turnaround time and conduct topline research of potential gift themes to explore further, in preparation for our deep-dive briefing call.

We want to surpass your expectations, so we try to think outside of the box for gifting ideas as much as possible so you achieve that 'wow' effect!

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1. Ideation Stage

After our deep-dive briefing call to get more details, we'll do further more targeted research and develop a budget proposal with our solution to your brief – including our rate which is calculated based on the overall project scope, as well as an activity timeline so you can keep track of every stage of the process.

If appropriate we'll also offer personalised add-ons to consider which reflect your business or brand, such as branded wrapping paper, ribbon, stamps or handwritten cards.


2. Proposal Stage

Upon sign-off of our proposal and receiving the first payment instalment (50% of the total cost), we will curate the best available gift options and design any requested personalised add-ons for your approval. Depending on your brief and delivery timeframe, we can source gifts from outside of HK to provide added exclusivity for your recipients.  

Paint Swatches

3. Curation Stage

The second and final installment (50% of the total cost) needs to kindly be settled before we purchase the gifts and personalised add-ons on your behalf.

Image by Lucrezia Carnelos

4. Purchase Stage

Compilation of the perfectly wrapped corporate gifts which look just as good on the outside as they do on the inside! Select our beautiful The Masked Gifter branded wrapping option - or if you'd rather we offer personalised wrapping options with your business or brand details for added exposure.


5. Preparation Stage

We’ll arrange timely delivery of your corporate gifts either to one address or to individual recipient addresses as instructed by you (estimated delivery costs reflected in initial budget proposal based on needs).


6. Delivery Stage